Neuro-Agility Strategic Committee

The Neuro-Agility Strategic Committee serves as a think tank that brings new, progressive ways of thinking and acting to move the Neuro-Agility Community forward

When we need to ask for advice, sound out some ideas, get an ear that listens and a mouth that speaks with compassion, understanding, wisdom, and honesty, we know we have these experts we can turn to without hesitation.

Andrea Olivero - Business Strategy Specialist

Dr. Elena Re – Neuro-Coaching Expert

Edith Tiencken – Business Consulting & Talent Development Expert

Dr. André Vermeulen – Neuro-Agility Thought Leader

Tiaan Vermeulen - Neuroscientist and Research Specialist

André Vermeulen Jr – Marketing Specialist

Simeon Eloff – IT & Technology Specialist

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