What is a Neuro Agility Profile®?

The NAP™ is:

  • An abbreviation for Neuro Agility Profile®
  • A lifestyle and preference questionnaire
  • An illustration of the interplay between brain and mind and how it impacts the ease, speed, and flexibility with which people think, learn and process information. The NAP measures the integrated functioning of the physical brain regions with the mental faculties of the mind.
  • An illustration of people’s mind and brain fitness and flexibility levels
  • An assessment that offers solutions to how people can develop a fast, focused, and flexible mind
  • An indication of the full range of mental modalities that impact people’s thinking, learning, and information processing abilities
  • As accurate as one is honest!

A NAP™ assessment is NOT:

  • A test, but a preference questionnaire
  • A medical test, but a non-invasive assessment
  • A psychometrical test
  • A personality assessment
  • A limiting instrument that stereotypes people, or puts them in boxes.
  • An indication of which brain regions are used
  • A learning styles profile

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