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Professional People Development

We provide online Certified NAP™ Practitioner Training for people development professionals like coaches, business consultants, L & D practitioners, performance improvement professionals, therapists, counselors, lecturers, and teachers to become practitioners of our NAP™ assessments and Brain Agility Booster learning solutions.

If you have ever dreamed of launching your own professional people development practice, we have the tools and the expertise to help you succeed. Or, if you are already in business/practice, we can help you add additional products, to expand the range of solutions you offer and make your business/practice even more profitable. By offering our assessments and learning solutions to your clients, you will provide them with new insights into performance optimization, and professional people development, and help businesses drive business results. You make money re-selling our assessments, which in turn creates many additional opportunities to provide learning solutions and value-added services to help your clients improve their performance.

So, we provide you with a state-of-the-art digital assessments and learning solutions delivery system, support, and more than 30 years of experience working in the field of people development and performance optimization. We take care of the science, research, development, technology, and branding, so you can focus on building your practice/business and helping your clients succeed.

This is a great opportunity to make a significant positive difference in people’s lives!

NAP™ Practitioner Training enables you to:

  • Understand how your Neuro Design influences the way you coach, mentor, or teach – answering the question: Who am I, and how does my design influence what I do?
  • Understand the Neuro Design (potential) of the people you coach, teach or mentor – answering the question: Who am I coaching, teaching, or mentoring?
  • Identify potential neurological hindrances of your clients that may lead to error, mistakes, and /or learning difficulties;
  • Adapt your approach to coaching, teaching, or mentoring more effectively, meeting your clients on their level, speaking their “figurative” thinking, and learning languages;
  • Establish a close and harmonious relationship with your clients, accurately understand their feelings, and ideas, and communicated well.

NAP™ Practitioner Training enables you to help your clients:

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  • Identify and understand their unique potential (Neuro Design)
  • Minimize the impact of potential neurological hindrances 
  • Develop talent
  • Improve brain performance (brain fitness and mental flexibility)
  • Optimize cognitive flexibility
  • Enhance brain health and wellness
  • Increase their learning ease, speed, and results
  • Reduce risk for human error
  • Align job functions with their Neuro Design
  • Align subject and career choices with their Neuro Design
  • Grow high-performing, agile teams
  • Create individual, team, and organizational success
  • Create cultures of learning

By becoming a NAP™ Practitioner, it enables you to:

  • Add  the well-recognized Neuro Agility brand to your portfolio
  • Add a recurring revenue stream to your practice
  • Expand your revenue potential
  • Develop new clients and have a reason to visit past clients
  • Diversify your product and service offerings
  • Offer meaningful and unique learning solutions to your clients
  • Offer added value and insights to your clients
  • Purchase NAP™ assessments and learning solutions at discounted prices

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