Sports Development

Sports Development

Professionals responsible for performance optimization of athletes use our NAP™ assessments and learning solutions to:

Understand the Neuro Design (potential) of athletes

NAP™ assessments help coaches, therapists and counselors understand the Neuro Design of athletes better and how to improve their individual and team performance.

Strengthen Engagement

Athletes can engage more effectively on the sports field when they know how to manage their mental faculties more effectively, how and where they fit in, in the team, and how they can contribute best.

Reduce Risk for Human Error

Coaches use NAP™ assessments to identify athletes’ potential risk for human error and help them reduce mistakes and errors.

Performance Optimization

Coaches use the NAP™ assessments and learning solutions to help athletes improve their hand-eye coordination, brain fitness, overall brain performance, their mental toughness, as well as improve their decision-making and thinking while competing.

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