Neuro Agility Profile® Advanced+ for Adults

An assessment to improve your mental flexibility and overall brain fitness for a fast, focused, and flexible brain and mind

What is a NAP™ Advanced+ assessment?

The NAP™ Advanced+ assessment is our flagship assessment to determine people’s level of Neuro Agility. It measures brain-mind elements of primary importance to identify people’s brain potential, brain health, brain fitness, mental flexibility, and potential risk of human errors and mistakes. The NAP™ Advanced+ measures the ease, speed, and flexibility with which people learn, think, and process information. It is frequently used by business consultants, coaches, therapists, team leaders, HR, and L&D professionals to develop high-performing, agile employees, leaders, teams, and organizations. Ultimately, it helps people to increase their performance.

Doing a NAP™ Advanced+ provides valuable answers to questions like:

      • What is my brain potential and how can I develop it further?
      • Who am I? How am I talented?
      • Who am I coaching / teaching / counseling?
      • Who are my team members? How do I complement them? How flexible is the team?
      • What does my overall brain fitness look like?
      • What does my brain health look like? How can I improve it?
      • How can I improve my performance, employability, and success?
      • How can I think, learn, and solve problems faster and easier?
      • How do stress and fatigue impact my brain’s performance?
      • How can I cope with stress and fatigue better?
      • How can I improve my mental flexibility?
      • What is my potential risk for errors and mistakes during stress?
      • How can I reduce my potential risk for errors and mistakes during stress?

The purpose of the NAP™ Advanced+ is to:

  • Improve your performance
  • Understand your Neuro Design (your potential)
  • Align who you are (your Neuro Design) with what you do (your job functions)
  • Identify your unique potential (how you are talented)
  • Optimize the drivers that impact your brain performance
  • Improve your brain health
  • Develop your talent
  • Reduce your risk of mistakes and human errors
  • Increase confidence, happiness, and flow
  • Develop high-performing, agile individuals and teams
  • Develop a fast, focused, and flexible mind
  • Develop accurate awareness about your Neuro Design

What is the NAP™ Advanced+ used for?

  • Performance improvement
  • Mental agility improvement
  • Brain fitness optimization
  • Improving brain health and wellness
  • Identifying brain potential
  • Talent selection
  • Talent development
  • Reduce the risk of mistakes and human error
  • Improve brain health and wellness
  • Accelerate learning and thinking
  • Develop high-performing, agile individuals and teams
  • Developing a brain and mind that is fast, focused, and flexible
Neuro-Agility at Work

Elements Evaluated in the NAP™ Advanced+


6 Drivers that Optimize Brain Performance

  • Brain agility
  • Stress coping skills
  • Sleep
  • Movement/exercise
  • Mindset/attitude
  • Brain food
  • Overall brain fitness dashboard
  • Neuro Agility dashboard

7 Brain-Mind Elements of Your Neurological Design:

  • Relative / functional lateral preferences
  • Expressive – receptive preferences
  • Figurative thinking and learning languages – brain quadrants
  • Rational – emotional preferences
  • Brain and sensory information processing preferences
  • Multiple intelligence preferences
  • Sensory learning preferences
  • Neuro Design flexibility dashboard
Neuro-Agility Framework


Features of NAP™ Assessments
  • 173 easy online questions (45-60 minutes to complete)
  • 32-page online report illustrating 13 elements of Neuro Agility and offering suggestions to optimize your Neuro Agility
  • Action plan to improve your Neuro Agility
  • Automated debriefing video
  • Post-evaluation 6-12 months later
  • Group report if needed
  • Translated into various languages

Benefits for Adults

  • Understand your amazing neurological design
  • Accurate awareness of your unique potential
  • Understand how you are talented/smart
  • Align your Neuro-Design with your job functions and career choices
  • Increase your mental flexibility
  • Agile thinking and learning
  • Optimize your overall brain fitness
  • Strengthen your brain health
  • Accelerate brain power skills like complex problem-solving and critical-creative thinking
  • Cope with stress and fatigue more effectively
  • Better work/life balance
  • Reduce your risk of human error
  • Better learning results
  • Improve your confidence
  • Clearer social awareness of others
  • Understand the different roles of team members
  • Optimize team agility
  • Improve emotional intelligence and agility
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