Neuro Agility Profile® Brain Fitness

What is a NAP™ Brain Fitness assessment?

The NAP™ Brain Fitness assessment is an instrument that measures drivers of primary importance to improve people’s brain health and wellness, as well as their overall brain fitness. The drivers measured in this assessment will help people optimize the ease, speed, and flexibility with which you think, learn, and process information. NAP™ Brain Fitness is an assessment frequently used by business consultants, coaches, therapists, individuals and team leaders to help others  improve their brain health, brain fitness and reduce risk for errors.  Ultimately, it helps people develop a brain and mind that is fast, focused, and flexible.

Doing a NAP™ Brain Fitness is a valuable assessment to answer questions like:

  • What does my overall brain fitness look like?
  • How can I improve my overall brain performance?
  • What does my brain health look like?
  • How can I improve my brain health?
  • How can I think and learn faster and easier?
  • How do stress and fatigue impact my brain’s performance?
  • How can I cope with stress and fatigue better?
  • What can I do to reduce my potential risk for errors and mistakes during stress?

The purpose of the NAP™ Brain Fitness is to:

  • Improve your brain’s performance
  • Improve brain health and wellness
  • Learn and think faster and easier.
  • Manage stress and fatigue more effectively.
  • Minimize your risk for errors and mistakes.
  • Develop a fast, focused, and flexible mind
  • Increase your overall brain fitness.

What is the NAP™ Brain Fitness used for?

  • Increasing the ease and speed with which you think and learn
  • Brain agility improvement
  • Brain fitness optimization
  • Reducing risk for mistakes and human error
  • Improving brain health and wellness
  • Accelerating learning and thinking
  • Coping with stress and managing fatigue
  • Enhancing agile mindsets


  • 60 easy online questions (15-20 minutes to complete)
  • 14-page online report illustrating 6 elements of brain fitness and offering suggestions to improve it
  • Group report if needed
  • Translated into various languages

Elements Evaluated in the NAP™ Brain Fitness

6 Drivers that Optimize Brain Performance:

  • Brain agility
  • Stress coping skills
  • Sleep
  • Movement / exercise
  • Mindset / attitude
  • Brain food
  • Overall brain fitness dashboard

Who will benefit from doing a NAP™ Brain Fitness assessment?

  • Any person who wants to improve their brain health, performance, and overall brain fitness
  • Any person who wants to reduce their risk for errors and mistakes and cope with the debilitating effects of continued stress and fatigue.


  • Learn and think faster and easier
  • Use all brain regions at optimal level simultaneously
  • Cope well with stress during disruptive change
  • Manage fatigue effectively during stressful times
  • Commit fewer errors and mistakes, especially during stress
  • Maintain higher levels of energy during stress  
  • Agile thinking and learning
  • Optimize your overall brain fitness
  • Strengthen your brain health
  • Improve cognitive flexibility
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