Neuro Agility Framework

This framework consists of 13 mind-brain elements that optimize the ease, speed, and flexibility with which people learn, think, and process information

The Neuro Agility Framework consists of two dimensions:

Neuro-Agility Framework

Drivers that optimize brain performance:

  • Brain Agility
  • Stress Coping Skills
  • Sleep
  • Movement / Exercise
  • Attitude / Mindset
  • Brain Food
  • Brain Ergonomics
  • Thinking and Learning Skills

Elements of neurological design (Neuro Design):

  • Relative / Functional Lateral Hemispheric Preferences
  • Expressive – Receptiveness Preferences
  • Figurative Learning and Thinking Languages
  • Rational – Emotional Preferences
  • Brain and Sensory Processing Styles
  • Sensory Learning Preferences
  • Intelligence Preferences

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