Neuro Agility for Professionals in People Development

Neuro-Agility for Professionals

Neuro Agility for Professionals is an essential skill set in the toolbox of anyone involved in people development. Our Certified NAP™ Practitioner Training for people development professionals like coaches,   L & D practitioners, performance improvement professionals, therapists, counselors, teachers, and lecturers, enable them to help their clients improve performance and develop talent in various ways.


The majority of our NAP™ Practitioners are coaching professionals, specializing in various fields of coaching. They use the NAP™ assessment to:
  • Understand how their Neuro Design influences the way they coach, mentor or teach – answering the questions: Who am I, and how does my Neuro Design influence how I coach?
  • Understand the Neuro Design (potential) of the people they coach, teach or mentor – answering the questions: Who am I coaching and how will my client’s Neuro Design influence their responses in the coaching process?
  • Identify potential neurological hindrances of their clients that may lead to error, mistakes, and /or learning difficulties;
  • Adapt their approach to coaching, teaching, or mentoring more effectively, meeting their client on their level, speaking their “figurative” language;
  • Establish close and harmonious relationships, in which the people or groups concerned, understand each other’s feelings, and ideas and communicate well.
Coaches trained as NAP™ practitioners use our Neuro Agility learning solutions to help their clients to:
  • Identify and understand their unique potential (Neuro Design)
  • Achieve results
  • Minimize the impact of potential neurological hindrances
  • Develop their talent
  • Improve their performance (brain fitness and mental flexibility)
  • Enhance their brain health and wellness
  • Increase their learning ease, speed, and results
  • Reduce risk for human error

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