Core Requirements to Become a NAP™ Practitioner

People development background and experience

To be highly credible in the eyes of your clients, you need a high degree of understanding and experience in people development-related issues.

Display persistence and entrepreneurial drive

Being an entrepreneur is challenging. Success requires endurance and perseverance.

A need for cutting edge approaches

As a practitioner you need to be committed to continuously learning about business, Neuro Agility, and the people development industry, to be able to lead and manage your practice / business effectively. You also need to be willing to become an expert in the specialist field of Neuro Agility.

HR, Talent Development, or assessment experience

To be highly credible as a practitioner you need a high degree of understanding and experience in human resources language and concepts. Additionally, if you have a genuine belief in the value of assessments from personal experience, you will be much more persuasive and believable.

Live by values of integrity, trust, and respect

When you make a promise you must follow through. When you debrief a client, you need to be accurate and truthful. You represent the brand in the eyes of the client. We are trusting you with our intellectual property. If practitioners don't have high integrity, then the risk of working together may not offset the potential return.

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