Neuro Agility Community

"Making Our World Work Better by Developing Neuro Agile People"

The Neuro Agility Community

The Neuro Agility Community is a fast-growing, global community of people and organizations who use our NAP™ assessments and learning solutions to develop themselves and others, as well as improve their brain health and performance. Neuro-Link is the mother company that translates the development implications of neuroscience research into practical assessments and solutions to develop agile, high-performing individuals and teams who drive extraordinary results. The company has a very specific field of expertise, which is referred to as  Neuro Agility. Neuro-Link has developed a state-of-the-art performance optimization system that consists of online Neuro Agility assessments and learning solutions that empower people with the necessary performance improvement skill sets required to be competitive, employable, and successful in a disruptive world. 

The heart of the Neuro Agility Community is our Global Regional Business Partners who help us build local Neuro Agility Communities across the globe, provide licensing / business opportunities and training, as well as distribute and sell Neuro Agility Profile® assessments and learning solutions in their designated regions. The backbone of the Neuro Agility Community consists of practitioners and business partners who develop Neuro Agility business expertise to use and sell Neuro Agility assessments and learning solutions to their clients.

Our Core Purpose

“We Develop People”

The Neuro Agility Community serves people and organizations with neuro-agility assessments and learning solutions to develop talent and optimize performance.

Our Vision

Neuro Agility is the point of departure in any performance optimization and talent development initiatives.

Our Core Beliefs

People = the most precious commodity in the universe:

  • The Neuro Agility Community is in the business of helping people improve their performance. We serve people by continuously anticipating, recognizing, and meeting their development needs.
  • The Neuro Agility Tribe treats all people as the most precious commodity in the universe. People are more important than profit or anything else.
  • People empowerment is the reason for our existence.
  • We look at people for who they can be, not for what they are.
  • We stand for inclusiveness.
  • Striving to understand their perspectives, needs, and concerns, is our quest.
  • Our deep commitment to people is visible in how we model values like inclusiveness, support, service, empathy, and integrity.

Truth = a transcendent, fundamental, or spiritual reality that is unchangeable.

  • Through neuroscience research, assessments, and learning solutions, we take the truth to the marketplace, helping people become even better versions of themselves.
  • The content of our learning solutions, assessments, and services is grounded in neuroscience.
  • Truth shall be the guiding principle in how we conduct business and interact with others. We therefore will be brutally honest and transparent with others and walk in the truth about how we communicate internally and externally. There will be a culture wherein all people will be heard.
  • We are committed to the truth through the words we speak. We will engage in dialogue and debate – not coercion. Our yes will be our, yes, and our no will be no.
  • We shall confront every brutal reality head-on, conduct our analyses without blame, and act on the implications. Our deep commitment to the truth is visible in the sincerity and transparency of our actions and how we model values like honesty, integrity and trust.

Excellence = best possible, superior, first-class, outstanding contribution

  • We rise to the challenge of producing a maximum contribution in every action that is taken, every task that is completed, and every service that is rendered. We cannot promise perfection, but we do commit to delivering a maximum contributionto the best of our ability.
  • Continuous improvement is a way of living for the Neuro Agility Community. There is no ultimate finish line.
  • Excellence is the minimum standard of the quality of work and service we deliver to internal and external clients.
  • Our quest for excellence will be visible in terribly demanding, hardworking heroes who have a neurotic drive for progress.
  • We believe: “One cannot expect what one is not willing to invest”

Value Promise to our Clients

Helping YOU drive performance forward by developing a fast, flexible, and focused mind.

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