Dr. Elena Re

Dr. Elena Re – Neuro-Coaching

My name is Elena Re and I’ve always been passionate about personal growth and talent development, precisely because I had to work hard to understand what I really wanted to do “when I grew up”.

I graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures to specialize with a master’s degree in economics in Germany, but life put me in front of an obstacle that I could not have foreseen, serious familiar mourning. So, the idea of moving abroad faded away and I chose to specialize in Italy.

During an internship, however, I got in touch with the Human Resources office of a large company in Cuneo, where I approached the HR aspect of business management for the first time.

Thanks to this experience, I was contacted by the multinational Manpower, with the offer of becoming part of the first working group that, in 1998, was bringing the so-called “temporary work” to Italy.

Full of ideals and of the desire to help other people find a permanent job, I enthusiastically embarked on the adventure of growing a large company from scratch in a provincial landscape like that of Cuneo, and on this path, I’ve learned a lot, in the commercial, organizational, managerial field, while having at heart above all the development of individual and group potential.

A few years later I entered the world of Human Resources at the headquarters of Alpitour, the largest Italian tour operator. I then deepened my previous knowledge by integrating it into the field of research, selection, and development of human resources, and I went on studying communication, coaching, and NLP until I chose to listen to my heart: I left the corporate world and became a professional Coach, formalizing a course of study that had begun, for my passion, in 2004.

Since 2014 I’ve been a Business Coach and I work in particular with small business owners, and in 2020 I joined my friend Andrea Olivero in the adventure of becoming a Neuro-Link Country Partner.

Now I enthusiastically help people who want to evolve and improve through a better knowledge of themselves with the Neuro-Agility Profile NAP ™, a tool of extraordinary power and depth, and I support coaches and consultants who intend to change their professional life always using the NAP ™. I feel that I’ve finally found my place in the world and my mission!

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