O.D. Consulting

 Your Breakthrough Partner

For over 35 years, O.D. Consulting has partnered with businesses to lead and implement change, to realize the full potential of their organization and employees, and achieve groundbreaking results. We combine an in-depth understanding of organizational complexity and of the demands for adaptability and agility in today’s uncertain markets. Our knowledge, experience, and people have helped us become and remain the industry standard for excellence and integrity.

Areas of expertise

  1. High Performing Leadership— Leadership is much more than a title, it is a skill set required at all levels of the organization. O.D. Consulting is a role model in leadership development and our products are based on the most advanced knowledge in the field and reflect the challenges and skills required in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment.
  2. Adaptive Strategy & Agile Execution— We offer a comprehensive solution for planning and implementing strategy in a complex environment through agile processes. Our technology-based process helps organizations evaluate strategic assumptions and achieve performance breakthroughs by translating strategy into operational goals and managerial routines that drive behavior and performance while remaining flexible and adaptive.
  3. Embracing Culture / A Meaningful Place to Work— Our products and solutions help organizations realize their employees’ inherent potential while creating a value-oriented leadership that practices what it preaches. We help our customers create distinct and differentiated cultural codes, which in turn create clarity in implementing a corporate culture that supports the company’s business goals.
  4. Change & Entrepreneurship— Leading change is a challenging process! O.D. Consulting provides a comprehensive systematic solution for leading change in organizations that face uncertain and complex environments, in particular those required to adapt swiftly to emerging realities.
  5. People Analytics — O.D. Consulting offers a holistic system that measures employee experiences in personal and organizational “moments of truth” and transforms this information into insights that predict future behavior.

Why Do Customers Choose O.D. Consulting?

  • We help achieve real change and breakthroughs – we measure ourselves only on actual results
  • We set the standard – the market perceives us as the professional authority in the field
  • We offer Haute Couture – we tailor our solutions to the customer’s needs
  • We dare – we go further and dig deeper than our competitors to ensure our customers’ success
  • We are a trusted advisor and partner – customers trust us because we’re focused on their success

Where Are We Headed?

O.D. Consulting never rests on its laurels. We are constantly developing new growth engines that strengthen our position as the leading and most experienced organizational consulting company in the Israeli market.

Our focus on constant renewal and competitiveness is three-pronged:

  • Increasing market share and core development – creating framework agreements with leading corporations that guarantee medium- and long-term commitments combined with focused activities to strengthen our presence in the high-tech market.
  • Developing new growth engines – development of the Western European market and opening operations in the UK with an emphasis on strategy and entrepreneurship, while investing in transforming the analytics activity and creating collaborations in data analytics.
  • Ensuring operational excellence and financial health – maintaining infrastructure that ensures profitability.
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