Andy Friedman

Andy Friedman - Israel

I am Joint CEO and co-owner of the OD Consulting, a company in Israel that specializes in the arena of organizational development and leadership development.

We sell the Neuro-Link brain profile assessments developed by Dr. Andre Vermeulen, CEO of Neuro-Link USA as part of our products portfolio. These products form the essence of the learning solutions we offer to clients.

The purpose of my letter is to give my professional opinion as a business man and consultant on why I use the Learning Receptiveness Profile (LRP) – Advanced+ as a tool to develop workers.

OD Consulting use the LRP-Advanced+ as an assessment for personal development interventions. This tool is instrumental in Israel to develop Participants in our leadership development programs. It provides a unique experience to participants in understanding themselves, others, create group synergy, improve their performance and provide with directions for career dilemmas.

We find the LRP the most effective assessment in the field of the neuroscience of learning and it consistently produces great results for my clients and assists me to add value to their people development efforts.

In turbulent times, where organizations are seeking to enhance people performance and provide an environment which enhance their capability to fulfill their potential, The LRP greatly contributes for self-examination of our basic foundations and develop human asset with high readiness to deal with business and organizational challenges.

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