CATRO group

  • 11+ years in Bulgaria
  • 90%+ effective placements
  • 2500+ trainees
  • 100+ international clients… and counting

Shaping locally, impacting globally is what we do at CATRO Bulgaria.

As part of the leading Austrian consultancy group CATRO Personalberatung dieBerater®, we have acquired impeccable know-how in recruitment, training and organisational development.

We, at CATRO Bulgaria, made these values an integral part of our beliefs, striving to transfer global knowledge and technological progress in our daily practices on the local market. The result is a perfect blend of an effective approach and inspiring change-making. Our accomplishments and prizes are just a small reflection of our performance and dedication over the last decade.

  • Growing 

Our team has evolved a lot in 11 years – human-wise and know-how-wise. We are now a force of 14 people and we are savvy enough to offer innovative solutions in all areas of People Management: talent acquisition and employer branding, training and development, leadership programs, employee engagement, and wellbeing programs. 

  • Pioneering

We’ve introduced neuroscience to business in Bulgaria by presenting the Neuro Agility Profile tool. Like an engine of a workforce – this is our “magic wand” that unfolds better creativity, adaptability and flexibility. 

  • Inventing

The first and very own employees engagement methodology is the brainchild of CATRO’s main lady – Anelia Dimitrova. Based on the SCARF™ model, it has established its great application among various international business brands.

  • Innovating

In 2021 CATRO proved to be quite a pilgrim in the e-trainings area, creating the 1st Video Leadership Programme: Successful in the new virtual reality. We introduced the bite-sized learning form to over 300 managers in one of the biggest banks in Bulgaria. 

  • Winning

We are proud two-time finalists at the Bulgarian Association for People Management’s annual awards. Reichle & De-Massari’s innovative leadership programme led us to the finals in 2018 and Raiffeisenbank’s new Employee Value Proposition brought us back in 2021. 


Our Manifesto

We are Creative, Courageous, and Committed.

We create a change that is Inspiring, Empowering and Sustainable.

We believe in great human potential, the capacity to grow and change for the better.

We value and encourage curiosity, eagerness to learn, and the ability to adapt and cope with life’s challenges.

We are here to inspire and empower people to create a positive transformation, to live and work in alignment with their values.

We support people’s growth by developing the skills of tomorrow like brain power skills, emotional intelligence and conscious leadership. We help individuals find their dream jobs, explore and realize their potential at their best. We guide organizations in order to thrive, engage their teams, and attract new talents.   

What makes us different is our constant drive for learning, innovation, high quality and care for people. Thus, we create holistic, science-based and tailor-made solutions for our clients and partners

As a team, we are like-minded folks who share the same passion, the same values, the same vision and the same professionalism.

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