Neuro-Agility in Business


Neuro Agility is a neuroscience innovation that forms the foundation for learning skills people need to safeguard themselves against future job losses, as it focuses on the neurological elements of learning, thinking, and cognitive processes – elements that enable people to improve their employability, success, and effectiveness. How mentally agile people are, is now of primary importance in talent selection, talent development, and performance improvement. The construct of Neuro Agility foregrounds both the ease and speed of learning quickly and the flexibility to move across various ideas or new understandings and changing situations with ease.

Although the term “agility” is excessively used worldwide, the construct of Neuro Agility is not a catch-all phrase for anything relating to “learning” or the term “agility”. Several constructs are different but conceptually related to Neuro Agility. It is therefore not a standalone concept but is situated within the broader learning and performance optimization domains. It is an essential component of the “ability to learn” because it focuses on the neurophysiological elements of learning, thinking, and cognitive processes.  Although the construct of Neuro Agility offers a multi-dimensional, neuroscience framework that complements and strengthens constructs like the ability to learn, learning agility, emotional agility, thinking agility, leadership agility, and organizational agility, it is neither exhaustive nor exclusive to any of these concepts.

 Before people can be agile at learning, thinking, emotions, leadership, and how they perform in teams, they need to optimize the drivers that influence their brain performance and integrate the brain-mind elements that impact their mental agility and learning ability. Neuro Agility enables people with the cognitive flexibility to up-skill easily, unlearn old behavior fast, be flexible in multi-skilling, and relearn old information swiftly. It enhances the degree to which people engage in agile learning, thinking, and leadership.

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