Karen van Hout

Respectful, innovative, and goal-oriented with compassion for my clients and passion for the profession

You definitely can describe me as a people person. From a young age on I was aware that helping others ‘from within’ was the way to go if you truly aim for sustainable change.  That’s the reason I joined the healthcare, and especially the OR staff, at age 19, and today as Systemic Neuro Agility and EI Trainer this is still my drive.

Next to working in Healthcare as a Technical Nurse, I had my part-time practice as a therapist in 1998, helping people of all ages. 6 years later the position of manager of a big team spread all over the country was too demanding to continue and that was OK at that time.

Years later, in 2010, meanwhile moving to Luxembourg and working in the finance sector, I had the chance to choose a new direction. Although in the first instance I didn’t want to go back to the therapy world I realized it IS who I AM and choosing my direction, and having my own business would give me the freedom to do it my way.

Being a fan of being the director of your own life, the choice was made. I made sure I was again trained as a counselor/coach and trainer, fell in love with the Systemic Approach and for me, understanding the brain as a system and so the dynamics, adding Neuroscience was a logical step to take.

I have never ever regretted it. As a multi-certified trainer, counselor, and coach, working through a tailored mix of Systemic Approach, Neuroscience, and using the Brain as your unique point of departure, seeing the sustainable change in individuals, teams, and businesses, is priceless.

Seeing the results of getting better work-related results, improved relationships for effective collaboration, an enriched working environment with less absenteeism, higher retention, and a higher level of personal- and job satisfaction – That’s exactly why I do what I do.

Why I joined Neuro Link

The first step to change is accepting ‘what is’ and having an accurate starting point is golden when it comes to people and business development. Joining the Neuro Link was for me no question. The holistic concept, the fact the Neuro Agility Profile™ removes all guesswork, that it provides accurate insights for both clients and coaches/trainers, and that it is people-friendly and always a confirmation one is OK was enough for me.

This matches very much with my own mission I am passionate about: to create a world in which you can thrive in life, work and business. Where everyone can be more of themselves and achieve more of what they want.

That it matched perfectly with the Brain-Based EI profile plus Program and that results can be measured is a big plus.

My favorite quote: “it is as it is”

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