Judit Abri

I have been learning and practicing coaching since 2009. Continuous learning is my motto.

Since 2017 I am an ICF Master Certified Coach and have a coaching degree from Middlesex University (UK) – Professional Practice in Coaching.

Since 2017 I teach coaching and also work as an assessor at Henley Business School, Reading University (UK).

Since 2014 run CHN International Coach School, an ICF ACSTH coach training program in Hungary.

Work with 2 international tests as a Business Practitioner:

Motivational Maps since 2018 and Neuro-agility and the Youth Motivational Maps since 2019. These tools support – in different ways – the personal development of my clients.

Recently became certified in the foundations of team coaching by the Global Team Coaching Institute and since late 2020 learning on the Practitioner level.

Currently active in setting up the CHN International Team Coach School to transfer the international team coaching standards and knowledge to Hungarian team coaching learners and practitioners.

Since 2013 I am an ICF assessor and now for years through being an ICF Mentor Coach I support the professional development of coaches.

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