5.8 Learning & Thinking Skills Copy

  • This module is only applicable to students who completed either the NAP Student Performer or Toolbox. Learning skills is a driver that is particularly important for people studying further. This driver is not measured in the NAP™ Advanced+ as not all adults are studying further. Learning skills, however, replaces movement as a driver in the NAP™ Student Performer and Toolbox brain profile assessments for students studying further. The NAP™ Toolbox is for school children and the Student Performer for students studying further. Learning skills are prioritized as more important for younger people studying further, as opposed to movement, as they still tend to move more than adults in general.
  • This module is about the most desired skills for the workplace of the future and how neuro-agility forms the underlying fundamental skill for developing those skills.
  • Familiarize yourself with pages ? in your manual.
  • This module consists of 1 video.
  • Total video duration for this module: 27 minutes.
  • The video discusses the most important learning skills for the future.
  • Golden Rule: People are born with the potential to think, learn and create, but they need to develop skills to out-think, out-learn and out-create their competition. People are not born with skills but need to develop learning, thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Golden Rule: People’s ability to learn and be learning agile,  will be one of the differentiating factors to acquire jobs in the future. It is an ability that has to be continuously optimized.

    • Reflection:
    • How learning agile are you?
    • List the mental skills you need to develop to ensure you are future-proofed.
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