5.6 Attitude / Mindset Copy


  • Your attitude is the way you habitually think. A mindset is what your mind is set on – what you habitually think. Negative thinking causes the brain to not function at optimal level and will negatively influence good scores on other drivers. A positive mind and a growth mindset is therefore a major optimizer of your brain performance and brain health.
  • Familiarize yourself with pages ? in your manual.
  • Refer to page 25 in your NAP™ profile. How did you score on Attitude?
  • This module consists of 2 videos.
  • The total video duration for this module is: 50 minutes.
  • This module explains how people’s thinking and mindsets can optimize or negatively impact their brain performance and brain health.


  • Video 1 explains how mindsets/attitudes are formed and how it impacts your brain’s performance and brain health.
  • Video duration time: 24 minutes.
  • Golden Rule: A negative mindset will negatively impact all other drivers that optimize brain performance.
  • Golden Rule: A negative mind produces a negative life. A positive mind produces a positive life. A negative mind can never produce a positive life! You are what you think. You can never be more than the sum total of your thinking.
  • Golden Rule: A negative mind and continuous negative emotions will have a definite negative impact on the speed and ease with which you process information, causing you to be less neuro-agile.
  • Golden Rule: You control the chemicals that run your mind through the power of choice.


  • Video 2 offers suggestions to improve the way you habitually think and how to develop a growth mindset..
  • Video duration time: 26 minutes.
  • Refer to the suggestions on page 25 of your brain profile and list actions and activities you can incorporate into your life in your Action Plan.
  • Golden Rule: A growth mindset is essential to being neuro agile.

    • Reflection:
    • How does the way you habitually think influence your quality of life, how you view the world and others and your success in life?
    • List the actions and activities you need to do to optimize your attitude/mindset.
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