5.4 Sleep Copy


  • Lack of sleeping long enough and/or deep enough cause fatigue and neutralize your overall brain health and performance. Sufficient  sleep is a major optimizer of your brain performance and brain health.
  • Refer to page 23 in your NAP™ brain profile assessment. How is sleep influencing your overall brain performance?
  • This module consists of 1 video.
  • Total video duration: 23 minutes
  • This video explains how sleep can optimize or negatively impact your brain performance. (See pages ? in the Neuro-Agility Manual).
  • Golden Rule: Lack of good sleep reduces mental alertness and will increase your propensity for human error.
  • Golden Rule: Lack of long enough sleep and good quality of sleep is a major cause of fatigue.

    • Reflection:
    • How do you think sleep influences your mental alertness?
    • How do you think sleep influences your fatigue levels?
    • List the strategies you need to do to execute to improve your quality of sleep in your Action Plan.


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