5.2 How Your Brain Processes Information – Senses & Relative Lateral Dominance (25 minutes)


  • Look at page 5 of your brain profile assessment. What is your dominant brain hemisphere preference? How does it influence how you think and learn?
  • Familiarize yourself with pages 12-19 in the Practitioner Manual.
  • Look at pages 54 – 57 in your brain profile report.
  • This video is an introduction to how the brain processes information and explains the impact of your relative lateral dominance. It will also illustrate how potential neurological hindrances can slow down the ease and speed with which you process information.
  • Video duration time: 25 minutes.
  • Golden Rule: You process information through your senses, but mostly through your dominant senses. Processing information with speed and ease through all senses is vital for being neuro-agile. The speed and ease with which you process information will be influenced profoundly by the drivers that optimize your brain performance.
  • Golden Rule: Even though we have and use two brain hemispheres, one hemisphere will lead and one will follow.

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