3.7 Drivers That Optimize Your Brain

  • Look at your brain profile assessment on page 22. How did you score on Coping with Stress?
  • This section explains the impact of brain fitness and stress on the brain’s performance. (See pages 20-21 & 38-49 for Brain Fitness & pages 14-17 for Stress  in the Mind Power manual).
  • There two ways of coping with stress. Firstly you should take actions to deal with the day to stress you experience. This is a more reactive approach to dealing with stress. This section will be dealing with actions you can take to deal with immediate stresses. Secondly you should also have a pro-active approach to dealing with stress. We will deal more with this approach in modules 4 and 5.
  • To get the most from the relaxation exercises that follows, make time to not be disturbed. Find a place where you are as comfortable as possible. even lay down if you want to. Using ear phones will improve the quality of the experiences.
  • Total video duration time of all relaxation exercises: 1 Hour 28 minutes.
  • Golden Rule: Stress causes people to lose control. It can’t improve performance when people are losing control.


Part 1: Breathing as a Stress Coping Skill


Part 2: Guided Imagery Relaxation Exercises


Part 3: Deep Relaxation Exercise


Part 4: Garden Relaxation Exercise


Part 5: Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise


Part 6: More Relaxation Suggestions

  • Construct a plan of action to cope more effectively with the immediate stress you experience.
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