1.2 LRP™ Advanced+ Brain Profile Debriefing Video – Part 1

brain stress
Stress Coping
brain fitness
Brain Fitness







  • Look at your LRP™ Advanced+ brain profile report. At the end of your Brain Profile Practitioner Training, you will be able to assess and debrief people on a Learning Receptiveness Profile™ of your choice.
  • Purpose of the profile: To understand your neurological design and the drivers that will help you optimize your brain performance. It is a development tool and in no way intended to disqualify people for anything or any position.
  • Watch the debriefing video below that will introduce the LRP™ Advanced+ brain profile report and explain the first two drivers: Brain Fitness and Coping with Stress.(pages 1-4).
  • Video duration time: 23 minutes.
  • Click here for an overview of the drivers that influence brain performance.
  • Click here for an article of the drivers that influence brain performance.
  • How Brain Fit are you?
  • Do you have sufficient Stress Coping Skills?


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