Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group

Established in 2019, the Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group (SNCG) for business and leadership is the executive regional corporate partner and representative of the Neuro-Link Company for Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany.

At SNCG, we strongly believe that unleashing one’s limitless brain potential is an act of balance.

We stand for the fact that everything across the full spectrum of growth, leadership development, resilience, and change in mindsets – without a doubt – starts with the brain. With this great asset, every individual, and members of teams within organizations have all the potential to grow, out-create, and expand from within to meet set goals, develop people, and facilitate engagement.

Our mission is to raise insights from neuroscience to enhance human development, and performance and bring more awareness of how the brain as a system plays a highly vital role in all areas of life, business, and our relationships.

We marry a high level of expertise with science-backed training to provide accredited training to specialists in various fields: Sales & Negotiations, Business Consulting, Executive and Leadership Coaching, and Individual and organizational learning to optimize people development and performance. We’re passionate about the potential of people and the transformational impact of operating, driving performance with the brain in, mind and ensuring a return on investment.

SNCG set out to be a Neuroscience-based practitioner training provider and leading driver in helping people developers, performance enhancers, sales professionals and organizations leverage the greatest asset humans have – the brain – to become the CEOs of their outcomes and be future-ready today.

We offer and facilitate training to Sales Professionals, Business Consultants, Executive and Leadership Coaches, People Developers, and TD Professionals who want to obtain their practitioner certifications to conduct business with our unique neuroscience assessments and learning solutions.

A powerful add-on we also offer Neuro-Link Certified Practitioners to expand their business models is the opportunity to become licensed business partners who can utilize some or all of Neuro-Link’s assessments, learning solutions, and intellectual capital to develop their business and increase their impact.

SNCG offers the following neuroscience-based Solutions:

  • Neuro-Agility Practitioner and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification
  • Neuro-Agility Profiles™ Assessment
  • 360° Emotional Intelligence Profile™ Assessment
  • Systemic Neuroscience Training and Mentoring
  • High Achiever Emotional Intelligence Program
  • 3-to-5 BrainSystem Code™ Training

 In addition:

Neuro Agility Masterclasses to improve sales, agility, leadership, communication, negotiations, and performance (in-person, online, and blended)

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