Omozua Isramen

Respectful, innovative, and goal-oriented with compassion for their clients and passion for the profession.

I am Omozua Ameze Isiramen, Founder of CWO Solutions- Executive Coaching with Omozua, Co-Founder of the Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group, and Co-Creator of the 3-to-5 BrainSystem Code and Impact Leadership Program.

In my work as a Certified High-Performance Brain & Neuro Agility Trainer; Executive Intelligent Leadership and Neuroscience Coach, I use emotional mastery and neuroscience-based approaches to empower & prepare clients’ hearts & heads to take the journey from where they are to where they want to be by bravely accessing and optimizing their limitless brain potential. Besides my work, I am an Orchid buff, appreciate coloring Mandalas, and listen to Jazz and Blues.

As an Executive NeuroCoach and Brain Trainer, I have always been intrigued by the Brain, how it serves us, and the way it can change the trajectory of our lives when we understand its workings. As such choosing to join the Neuro-Link tribe was the natural choice I had to make when I came across the concept of the Neuro Agility Profile. The insights it provides allow coaches, trainers, and anyone in the people enhancement field to have more impact on the people enhancement field. The biggest attractor was the fact that it removed all guesswork and gave accurate insights to work with clients.

On any given day I would make same the same choice for Neuro Agility and the Neuro-Link community.

My love for the people enhancement and performance optimization field stems from my educational, managerial, training background and work experience from collaboration with experts of different levels and from different industries and fields. This is where I identified that every resourceful thing we can be, do and achieve is only then possible when we are CEOs of the Brain.
Today on my mission to contributing to a world with brain-friendly leaders and more humanness, I work with executives, (aspiring) leaders and entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, teams and organisations to help them drive greatness from within as Neuroleaders that impact for the greater good, with clarity, confidence and courage.

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