Organizational Development

People development professionals in businesses use our NAP™ assessments and Brain Agility Booster learning solutions in the following areas in organizations:

Talent Selection

Professionals in Talent Selection use our NAP™ assessments to:

  • Select neuro agile candidates (high potentials) who learn faster, easier, and are more mentally flexible than others. (This has become a differentiating factor for progressive organizations who constantly experience change, and where the ability to be cognitively flexible and learn fast, is a vital necessity);
  • Determine the neurophysiological elements of potential that influence how people naturally think, learn and process information – referred to as neuro-design. This will provide valuable insights into the candidate’s thinking, learning, and communication preferences, their potential risk for error, how they are potentially talented, and the natural default mode they usually would prefer functioning in when exposed to increased complexities and disruptive change;
  • Align people’s neuro-design with the job functions and team roles they perform to improve engagement, workplace happiness, wellness, and performance;
  • Build job profiles to select the right candidate for the right position, increasing workplace effectiveness, engagement, happiness, and wellness.

Talent Development

Professionals in Talent Development use our NAP™ assessments for:

Potential Identification & Development

Identify potential (future possibility) as the starting point for talent development and create personal development programs (PDPs) for neuro-agility optimization.

Leadership Agility Development

Based on an accurate understanding of their neurological design, mental flexibility, and change agility, leaders and managers will have a clearer understanding of their ability to take effective action in complex, rapidly changing conditions.

Creating Cultures of Learning

The ability to learn faster than their competition maybe your company’s only sustainable competitive advantage. We help organizations reshape and transform their corporate cultures into cultures of learning, using the NAP™ assessment as the point of departure.

Minimizing Risk for Human Error

People’s neuro-design may influence their risk for human error when fatigued. This may lead to serious accidents and injury, or even death when operating dangerous machinery or tools. We help organizations and health and safety professionals assess an individual’s risk for human error by determining their neurological design. We also assist businesses in creating brain-friendly work environments, conducive to health and safety. Through our unique NAP™ assessments, we enable management and workers to understand their own and others’ neuro-design and how to minimize their risk for human error.

Learning and Development

We use NAP™ assessments as the point of departure in helping learners understand how they think, learn and process information and how they can accelerate learning and obtain better learning results. NAP™ assessments are powerful tools in the hands of L&D professionals to train and develop learners, as we believe: “One can’t improve what one can’t measure”.

Performance Improvement

Performance optimization professionals will be able to identify current levels of individual and organizational neuro-agility and enable the workforce to improve their overall brain performance, helping them improve neuro-agility and productivity.

Emotional Intelligence Development

Any learner will be able to improve awareness of their neurological design and how to manage what they understand about themselves. The NAP assessment serves as the point of departure for developing EI skills.

Developing Agile, High Performing Teams

High-performing, agile teams are quickly becoming the “secret ingredient” for developing agile organizations and organizational success. Teams naturally reach high performance in three to five years, but understanding how the brain works and aligning your team development practices with neuroscience, literally fast tracks teams into high-performing, agile teams in as little as six months.

Increasing Wellness in the Workplace

We offer a holistic neuro wellness approach to promote health and safety in the workplace, using the drivers that optimize brain performance and brain health in the NAP™ assessment, as our point of departure. It compliments all Employee Assistance Programs and Employee Wellness Programs, as it focuses on empowering people to know what they should be doing for themselves before they seek assistance from health and wellness professionals. Some companies implement the NAP™ assessments and learning solutions organization-wide to proactively promote wellness and/or happiness in the workplace.

Workplace happiness development

Optimizing the drivers that increase brain performance and brain health in the NAP™ assessment, significantly contributes to improving brain fitness and mental flexibility, enhancing employees’ happiness in the workplace.

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