Module 3 – Mind Power

  • Download the Mind Power Manual and familiarize yourself with the content.
  • Keep your Brain Profile and El Profile reports open.
  • Have your brain profile “driver” scores available when you look at the manual. Here are the page(s in the manual) where you can learn more about each driver:  Stress (Pages 12-15), Brain Fitness (Pages 18-21), Brain Food (Page 22). Movement (Page 26), Mindset (Page 27) and Sleep (Page 33).

The Mind Power module is about understanding how the human mind works and learns; and the drivers that can improve brain health and performance. Understanding these elements lay the foundation for understanding how one can develop self-control and adaptability, as important emotional intelligence skills in the self-management dimension.

Watch the following videos carefully as they contain important information you need to know to be assessed.

How the Brain Works

* Familiarize yourself with pages 10 – 15 in the Mind Power manual.

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