Module 1 – Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI)


This module is about creating accurate self-awareness, which is the first dimension of Emotional Intelligence. In this module, you will learn about 12 emotional intelligence competencies that are of primary importance to your success, happiness and wellness and identify factors that make up your amazing neurological design. Please remember to keep a printout of your EI and Brain Profile assessments available throughout all modules as you have to compare your personal assessments with the general content presented in the videos.

Now that you have experienced your Emotional Intelligence Profile and Brain Profile assessments, let’s get started. Download the Emotional Intelligence Manual. Familiarize yourself with the outlay and content. Keep it nearby when watching the videos.

  • Download the Emotional Intelligence Manual.
  • Click on this link to see towards where the world is moving.
  • Click on the link to see the 10 most in-demand technical/hard skills according to LinkedIn.
  • Click on the link to see the 10 most desired skills needed in the workplace of the future according to the World Economic Forum.
  • The total time for watching all the EI videos in module 1 is 103 minutes (1 hour & 43 minutes).
  • Plan more or less 2 hours for doing this module.
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