Module 1 – Complete Your Online Brain Profile Assessment

To know your unique neurological design and the drivers that optimize brain performance will provide you with valuable information to accurately understand your potential, develop talent and improve your performance.

Over more than 26 years Neuro-Link has developed a comprehensive assessment tool, unique in its kind, registered as a Learning Receptiveness Profile (LRP™).

The LRP™ brain profile assessment is a neuroscientific, multi-dimensional tool that assesses 6 drivers that you can enhance for optimum brain performance and 7 factors that determine your neurological design. It is the most comprehensive cognitive assessment that exist, as it assesses all the primary factors that influence brain performance and learning receptivity.

The first step, together with your EI assessment, towards enhancing the understanding of yourself is to understand your own neurodesign. So go ahead and go to the first lesson below.

This module will also introduce you to the online EI assessment and how to use it.

Click here for an infographic overview of the LRP™ Advanced+ Brain Profile™.

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