Module 1: Complete LRP™ Advanced+ Assessment (3 Hours)


The Learning Receptiveness Profile™ Advanced+, abbreviated as the LRP™ Advanced+ is a brain profile assessment for adults, manager and leaders to provide them with feedback on 13 learning receptiveness factors that will determine how easy or difficult they may learn and think. It illustrates 7 factors that make up their neurological design and 6 drivers that influence their brain performance. This brain profile assessment is a practical instrument to discover how uniquely people process information, which strengths and preferences they have when learning or thinking and it indicates areas for future development.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. The Learning Receptiveness Profile™ Advanced+ is a must for any person who wants to accurately understand their unique neurological design and optimize the drivers that impact their brain performance and brain health. This assessment will also improve your self-awareness and provide valuable information to help you formulate your life purpose, increase self-confidence, manage yourself more effectively, understand yourself, understand others, reduce the risk for human error and communicate more effectively. Congratulations! You are investing in the greatest asset you will ever have – Your brain!


The first step towards becoming a Brain Profile Practitioner  is to understand your own neurological design and also to experience the brain profile for yourself. So go ahead and go to the first lesson below.

  • Completing the LRP™ Advanced+ takes about 45-60 minutes.
  • Time to watch your LRP™ Advanced+ brain profile debriefing videos – 113 minutes
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