EI Career Development

If you have not upgraded to becoming a business partner yet, the next step should be to upgrade your license as a Master Certified Partner.

What do Master Certified Partners do?

They have completed the Certified NAP™ Practitioner Training and Emotional Intelligence (EI) Practitioner Training and have invested in the license to be users and resellers of all NAP™ and EI learning solutions in volumes to clients, educational organizations, and businesses.

  • They purchase assessments and learning solutions at highly discounted prices
  • They sell in volumes to their clients
  • They debrief clients in all our assessments and learning solutions
  • They train clients in all our performance-related learning solutions
  • Master Certified Partners can upgrade to Country / State / Province Business Partner levels when they comply with the requirements.
  • Click here to learn more about our Global Partnering Program
  • Join us as a Master Certified Business Partner by clicking here
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