Brandon Garcia

Brandon García is recognized for his main strengths of character such as Spirituality and Love for learning that together have served as a compass to accompany individuals, groups and organizations in an empathic, practical and Mindful way.

With a degree in Psychology and a Specialty in Orientation and Human Development, he became a Neuro-Agility Practitioner, High Achiever Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, and Mindfulness Practitioner and also has a Certification in Fundamentals of Positive Psychology, among other studies.
With more than 7 years of experience practicing Mindfulness in a personal and professional way, he founded Mindful Skilling a company that is responsible for accompanying individuals and organizations towards the development and implementation of conscious strategies for the improvement of individual and organizational well-being.

He has developed the Mindfulness-Based Neuro-Agility Development (MBND) program collaborating with Smart Brain Insights as a Business Associate and Master Certified Partner at Neuro-Link, thus bringing together the advances in neuroscience applied to learning and well-being.

His career is characterized by establishing the appropriate conditions for the development of individual and organizational potential through conferences, workshops and private consultations.

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