Agile Group

Agile Group Srl was created on July 1, 2020 thanks to a shared dream of Andrea Olivero and Elena Re, the two founders.

They both chose to leave their managerial careers in favor of freelance business coaching. They both experienced as professionals the importance of developing human potential, having a working method, having the right tools in the toolbox, and last but not least differentiating in the market, bringing true value to customers.

Sharing the same professional values and entrepreneurial spirit, they decided to join in a single project, by investing all their skills.

The choice of bringing the Neuro-Agility Profile and related methodologies was born out of a deep need to transfer their experience for the success of others, which, like them, intend to be excellent professionals in the development of human potential.

Agile Group has developed a successful and replicable business model. Which focuses on the Neuro-Agility Profile to benefit professionals who want to use both the analysis tool and the methodologies developed for the construction of Neuro-Agility.

The results obtained in the first two years of activity in Italy include the following:

  • A network of 69 accredited professionals Neuro-Agility Practitioners, in just two years from the start of the project;
  • A constant growing use of the Neuro-Agility Profile, by Practitioners, in all areas of coaching and, above all, in business coaching & consulting;
  • A top level of end-customer satisfaction, which leads to natural sales scalability;
  • An economic out-turn in line with initial forecasts, both in terms of turnover and in terms of operating profit.

The desire to serve professionals in the development of human potential led to the willingness of expanding their development project in the rest of Europe.

For the development and implementation of this phase of the project, they have decided to associate with their new partner Claudia Mengoli.

She is an International Business Analyst and Strategist active in the Business Coaching sector. She engaged for over ten years in supporting Professionals, Executives, and Organizations in transformational change, & leadership dynamics.

As a matter of fact, part of the mission of Agile Group, in its role as European Business Partner, is to encourage the development of other European partners, transferring them their business model, and related operational processes development (web & social marketing, CRM management and email marketing, marketing funnel, joint venture partnership management, training programs, etc.) The final aim is to spread the construct of Neuro-Agility in the European territory to bring more value for professionals and their customers.

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